What’s the Fig Idea?

It will be a few years before I can harvest any fruit from my fig tree. There is some good news to report. The tree has sprouted a leaf and a few tiny buds that will grow into branches. At this point, the tree is doing better than the cuttings I am attempting to grow in  a container.

Last Sunday, my wife took a walk through West Town Mall after seeing a movie. We stopped at the Scrumps Cupcakes kiosk where I sampled one of their Muy Caliente mini cupcakes. The unusual flavor gave me an idea. I asked Kathleen from Scrumps to consider creating a fig cupcake. I promised to look online for other fig cupcake recipes to give her some ideas.

Ripe figs are only available for a few weeks each year. When the fruit is ready, there is often more than one family can eat. I wonder if Scrumps could offer an incentive to local fig growers if they bring their extra figs to the store. I’ll have to ask Kathleen if that’s possible.

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