Man, Can Hawaii Get Sticky!

John and  Susan, a couple with whom we regularly converse after Mass, wanted to know what happened. They saw my wife and me on TV last night during the pledge drive on East Tennessee PBS. My wife was wearing a Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX shirt as she answered phone calls. I was anchoring the “premium desk,” which means I was describing the various Elvis or Jimmy Dean DVDs being offered to donors.

John and Susan hadn’t heard that I left the morning show on Star 102.1 in order to concentrate on programming WNOX. It’s a little confusing because I am also still the midday deejay on Star 102.1.

I’ve been volunteering at East Tennessee PBS for two years. Their broadcast of Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii gave me the perfect opportunity to staff the phone bank with five WNOX employees (and two spouses of employees).


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