Knox, Knox… Who’s There?

In East Tennessee, it’s a fairly common practice to name streets after political figures who are still living. In 1792, Knox County was named after the still-living General Henry Knox. The 42-year-old was Secretary of War under President George Washington.

In 2009, I toured a replica of Knox’s home in Maine. I was annoyed that the docent didn’t know that Knoxville and Knox County were named after General Knox. I found Knox’s life story to be interesting and probably worth studying in the future.

My wife and I stopped off at the National Portrait Gallery while we were in D.C. last month. One of the faces that grabbed my attention was that of Henry Knox. The jolly looking fellow actually had a difficult life. Ten of his thirteen children died young. He died at age 56 from an infection caused by choking on a chicken bone.

When time permits, I want to read a book about him, such as Henry Knox: Visionary General of the American Revolution.

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