How to Cope

The librarian sisters who encouraged my reading as a child saw something they knew would interest me. Of course they were right. It was an article about forensics and Catholicism on a blog called Joan’s Rome.

The blog post publicized a radio interview on Joan Lewis’ EWTN radio show called Vatican Insider. On her August 3 and August  10 broadcasts, Joan interviewed Vincent Sava, a forensic anthropologist who exhumed the remains of Mother Marianne Cope as part of the beatification process. The woman now known as Saint Marianne Cope was canonized on October 21, 2012.

I used to record part one of the interview. For part two, I just listened to the podcast. Part two contained enough of a recap that you could get by only listening to it.

A video by a Canadian Catholic media outlet, Salt and Light, shows the reliquary in Syracuse where St. Marianne’s bones were placed. The video also explains why the remains were moved. The Sisters of St. Francis decided to bring Mother Marianne home to Syracuse before Kalaupapa became a National Park.

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