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A writer for Geekosystem likes the idea of donating his body to science. He seems to prefer the idea of decomposing at the Body Farm rather than being dissected at a medical school. The article was listed in my Google Alert for the Body Farm earlier this month.

Later this month, I will have the privilege of emceeing another Dinner with the Bone Doctor at Echo Bistro & Wine Bar. Attendees of the August 26th event get a gourmet meal and a forensic lecture by Dr. Bill Bass. The cost is $69.95 per person. Call (865) 602-2090 to make a reservation.

The Bone Zones team has started taking pre-orders for autographed copies of the next Jefferson Bass novel, Cut to the Bone. The book is a prequel to the other Body Farm novels. It takes place as the fictional Dr. Brockton is placing the first bodies at the Anthropological Research Facility.

If Cut to the Bone is a prequel, Jordan’s Stormy Banks must be a pre-prequel. The novella, which will be released as an e-book on September 3, is set two years before Cut to the Bone.

The real Dr. Bass is often asked about how the Body Farm got started. He told the story to C-SPAN’s Book TV in 2011.

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