Celeste Season

Introverts need time alone to recharge their energy. Extroverts like me get energized by interacting with other people. I was home alone on Saturday trying to get motivated to do some chores when I was saved by a Facebook message.

Catholic blogger and fellow parishioner Frank Weathers wrote, “Want some figs? Come on over!” I said I could be there within the hour. Frank replied that he would act as a scarecrow until I arrived. The birds were also interested in the ripe fruit.

Frank’s Celeste fig tree had a lot of fruit, some of it ready to be picked and many more that will ripen over the next few weeks. Frank said looking for the ripest figs was like hunting for Easter eggs. The ripe figs are yellowish brown in color and are soft to the touch.

The other day I had made an offer to five Facebook friends to trade something for figs. Frank wrote that he wanted Fig Newtons. I didn’t have those but I did find a brand new package of Barbara’s Fig Bars in the pantry. When I gave those to Frank, he referred to them as the “tribute.”


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