Always Be Closing

Bridgette Martin of Side Splitters Comedy Club knows the power of social media. She prepared Facebook cover photos for all the contestants in the upcoming Host with the Most Contest. I received mine from her yesterday. She also made an image that can be emailed or posted to other sites. Feel free to copy mine and share it on your own social media platforms.

Last year, some of the other contestants were surprised at how quickly the supporters of Columbus Home bought their tickets. I spread the word online and in the community in a successful effort to win a $100 bonus for Columbus Home Children’s Emergency Shelter. This year, they’re on to me. I will have to work twice as hard to sell the most tickets. This year, tickets go on sale at 10:00 a.m. on Monday, September 9. Click here for the link to purchase tickets at that time. Please use the promo code “FM” to save $5 per ticket and to give me credit for the sale.

It helps to sell tickets by mentioning that the money I raise goes to a great cause. When the Knox County Juvenile Court must remove a child from a parent who is abusive or on drugs, the court can send the child across the parking lot to Columbus Home for up to ten days instead of immediately placing the child in state’s custody. The extra time allows for more options to be found, such as placing the child with a member of their extended family.

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