Silly Iliacus

So far, my free fig cuttings have cost me $8.88 in gardening supplies and a visit to the chiropractor.

After the Antiques Roadshow reception on Thursday night, I stopped off at Walmart to buy some rooting compound. While I was there, I bought a bag of potting soil too. I intend to use the compound on the fig twigs that are currently wrapped in moist paper towels. The instructions on the jar said to treat them with the compound and then put them directly into potting soil.

The clerk and the other customers were amused when I said that I wanted a clean bag of dirt. It made sense to me. Some of the bags had dirt on the outside and I wanted to keep my khaki slacks clean.

On Friday morning, I went outside to check on the three fig cuttings that I planted in the back yard. The spot I picked is pretty good but there were weeds nearby, including kudzu and some fast-growing baby trees that might be tulip poplars. As I used the garden loppers to cut them near the ground, I felt pain. In addition, I couldn’t straighten up all the way.

I struggled through most of the day at work, including a meeting at a client’s office. On the way to the meeting, I made an appointment to have a massage immediately after the meeting. During the massage, the expert therapist said she could feel what was wrong with my sacroiliac joint and that I should go see a doctor as soon as possible.

It’s been a few years since I needed a chiropractor but I still knew the number by heart. At this point it was 5:15 p.m. They were getting ready to close at 5:30. On top of that, the doctor was going to be on vacation next week. The receptionist could tell it was an emergency, so she promised to slip a note to the doctor. Two minutes later she called back and asked how soon I could be there. I was there before 5:30.

To speed things along, two physical therapists double-teamed me to loosen the muscles that were “stove up” as we say in the South. Thankfully, the therapy and chiropractic adjustment had me standing straight again. On doctor’s orders, I had to cancel some plans for today in order to take it easy and ice the affected area.

I truly appreciated my doctor’s willingness to delay his vacation by an hour to see me. He said, “People don’t call at five o’clock on a Friday unless they really need help.”

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