Just for the C₈H₁₀N₄O₂ of It!

According to a study at Harvard, coffee drinkers are less likely to commit suicide. I can’t speak for everyone but know I certainly look forward to my daily dose of caffeine.

My wife usually gets her caffeine from Diet Coke. The other day, she was ordering a fountain drink from a fast food restaurant. One of her acquaintances didn’t want a Diet Coke. Instead she wanted a Coke Zero.

The acquaintance claimed that she had given up caffeine. My wife said, “But Coke Zero has caffeine.”

The acquaintance argued, “No, it has zero calories and zero caffeine.” My wife let it drop because she knew that Coke Zero does in fact have caffeine.

When she got home, my wife grabbed a bottle of her Diet Coke and a bottle of my Coke Zero from the small refrigerator in our laundry room. The fridge used to be in our kids’ dorm rooms.

The nutritional information on the label proved that my wife was right and that Coke Zero does have caffeine. What surprised me was the difference in the amount of caffeine between the two brands.  A half-liter bottle (the perfect size, by the way) of Diet Coke has 64 milligrams while Coke Zero has only 48. They should add more.

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