Heavy on Cinnamon, Light on Cloves

The woman working at Subway looked at me with curiosity. I can only guess that most of her customers know how to order a breakfast sandwich. She seemed surprised that I was so inexperienced.

For years, my normal routine consisted of packing a breakfast and taking it with me to work at 5:30 a.m. Now that I work a later shift, I can do some errands in the morning. On this particular day, I had a 7:00 a.m. appointment with the chiropractor.  I got out  around 8:15 and needed to find something to eat along the way to work.

I remembered that Subway had once dropped off samples of their flatbread sandwiches at the radio station and I remembered that they were pretty good. However, I did not recall what varieties they offered.

As I asked about the various menu items, I felt a bit like Clarence  Odbody ordering a mulled wine in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” When I finally made my decision based on price and calories, I surprised her again. I can only surmise that very few of her customers order the three-inch flatbread. They make it by slicing a regular flatbread in half. Maybe she was worried that I wasn’t getting enough.

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