Express Yours, Elf

A big part of the allure of Girl Scout Cookies, other than their great taste, is their limited availability. It’s hard to resist buying a box of your favorites, even if they are always sold during Lent. Over the years the price has gone up and the number of cookies inside the box has gone down.

Last week, at a Safeway supermarket in Northern Virginia, I saw an endcap display of Keebler Coconut Dreams. Based solely on the cover photo, I would guess that they taste exactly like Samoas. Keebler’s imitation Samoas look more like real Samoas than the imitation Samoas I bought at Dollar General a few years ago.

At a sale price of $2 a package, the Coconut Dreams are a lot less expensive than Samoas. The label indicates that the contents weigh 240 grams. The nutrition information label says that each cookie weights 14 grams. Therefore, we can guess that the package contains 17 Coconut Dreams. The contents of a box of Samoas weigh only 212 grams, which is two fewer cookies.

I might have purchased a package of Coconut Dreams if I hadn’t just eaten a Samoa cupcake from Sweet City Desserts earlier that afternoon.

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