Budding Reporter

In his famous BBC series on “Life on Earth,” naturalist David Attenborough showed examples of life erupting in the most remote places under the harshest conditions. The need to somehow thrive and survive was common to both flora and fauna. I remember a scene where he showed a tiny plant growing in the fissure of a big rock.

The only obstacle that my fig plants must overcome is me. I have a terrible track record as a botanist. However I am not deterred. The allure of the fig is so great that I will do my level best to grow my own. The thoughtful gift of a fig tree from my friend Nancy provides an excellent head start. After reading my blog post about the tree, she wrote, “You love contests. Whose fig will bloom first: your cuttings or ‘my’ tree?”

I expect that the first fruits will come from Nancy’s tree in a year or two. However, my cuttings made some progress yesterday. Two of the twigs that I collected in Northern Virginia two weeks prior had sprouted tiny flecks of green that could turn into leaves or branches.

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