Authentic and Truthful

“Antiques Roadshow” is visiting Knoxville. They will record an episode at the Knoxville Convention Center on Saturday.

East Tennessee PBS invited my wife and me to a welcome reception on Thursday at the McClung Museum. After we got drinks, the crowd was ushered into the auditorium as CEO Vickie Lawson welcomed their honored guests.

Series host Mark L. Walberg joked that their show perseveres in an era when apparently you can open any storage locker and find something valuable. Executive producer Marsha Bemko said that 12,468 people applied for 2,800 tickets. She also said, “If you think you have a six figure object in your house that you didn’t know about, you don’t.”

After the presentation, we went upstairs to enjoy heavy hors d’oeuvres prepared by Chef Garrett Scanlan. One thing that stood out for me was a delicious black-bean cake topped with Brazilian pork.

Walberg graciously made the rounds and chatted with almost everyone. I mentioned that I had once booked him as a guest on a radio show when he was hosting “Temptation Island.” Walberg, who is originally from South Carolina, even sang along with “Rocky Top” when it was played by the musicians booked for the event.

I met one of the appraisers at the cupcake table. He turned out to be Matthew Quinn from Quinn’s Auction Gallery on South Washington Street in Falls Church, Virginia. As he described the location of his business, I realized that just last week I had been to three different restaurants all within a mile of Quinn’s. Two of the three were within a quarter-mile of Quinn’s. I promised to stop by the auction house on my next visit.


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