A Fine Line

The joyous news in improv-land is that Whose Line is back. The ready-made hashtag #WhoseLineIsBack appeared on the screen at the start of the premiere episode of the new “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” on the CW last night.

Other hashtags popped up on screen at the perfect moments. Guest star Kevin McHale from “Glee” caught a kernel of popcorn in his mouth after Ryan Styles spat out a mouthful. The on-screen hashtag was #NiceCatchKevin.

Actress-comedienne Aisha Tyler is the host of the new incarnation of the classic show. I’ve been a fan of Aisha since before she was famous. As an up-and-coming comic, she would make guest appearances on the Comedy World Radio Network. One year, she was a panelist at Morning Show Boot Camp and went bar-hopping with a group of us after the convention.

Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady haven’t lost a step. They are as brilliant as ever at improvisation. Guest improvisers Heather Anne Campbell and Gary Anthony Williams fit nicely with the team. Williams was especially good during “Let’s Make a Date,”a guessing game modeled on a TV dating show.

The CW aired two episodes back-to-back. The same two episodes will be repeated on Friday night at 8:00 and 8:30. The episodes are also available online today.

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