Will Work for Pits

One cold day this past winter, I decided to buy a microwavable heating pad. I would often see them for sale at events like the Healthy Living Expo or the Women Today Expo. Specifically, I wanted a pad filled with cherry pits, like the ones I first saw at a craft show in Gatlinburg.

As luck would have it, I didn’t see any cherry pit pads or pillows the next time I attended an expo.┬áIt made me wish that I had saved all my cherry pits from last summer.

I remembered that feeling on Tuesday night when I bought a three-pound container of fresh cherries. I have every intention of saving every one of the pits to fill a cherry-stone heating pad. I’ll need help with the sewing but I’ll handle all the cherry-eating and pit-washing. As of this morning, I have collected 19 pits.

Parade Magazine’s website has a couple of cherry recipes worth trying. The Cherry and Goat Cheese Salad reminds me of something I would order in a restaurant. The Spiced Cherry Relish is shown atop a steak but I bet it would taste great on chicken too.

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