The Pig Dipper

Knoxville’s own cupcake warriors posted an enticing picture on Facebook on Saturday. For Father’s Day, Nathan and Kathleen Robinson of Scrumps Cupcakes were selling bacon covered with Ghirardelli dark chocolate.

I shared the photo and wrote that I drooled on my computer screen. If I wasn’t at work, I might have driven over to Fountain City to buy some. I still remember tasting chocolate-covered bacon three years ago at a charity event. Let’s pause to take a look at my photo from that night:

Chocolate-covered Benton's Bacon. Yes, you heard me. Chocolate-covered Benton's Bacon!

The next morning, one of my Facebook friends approached me after church. She introduced me to her mother, who was visiting, and then asked me about the photo of the bacon at Scrumps. I said that the combination of salty and sweet was the same as the idea behind chocolate-dipped pretzels or potato chips.

The talk of chocolate-covered bacon prompted my friend’s mother to speak to me about our nation’s addiction to sugar, salt and fat. She seemed displeased with my excitement over the bacon and mentioned a book titled “Sugar Salt Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us.”

I got the impression that she thought I was hooked on salt. I don’t love salt but I do love sugar. I said that I could even taste the difference between a can of low-sodium tuna and a can of very-low-sodium tuna. By the time our brief conversation ended, I had also referenced a famous quote from a “Seinfeld” episode: these pretzels are making me thirsty.

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