Run the Table

All I wanted for dinner on my birthday was a salad with Bran Buds as croutons. After eating dinner at The Cheesecake Factory on Friday, I served as a Table Captain for the judges at the Big BBQ Bash in Maryville on Saturday afternoon.

Although I didn’t eat as much meat as the judges, I had ample opportunities to sample the leftovers at the grazing table. Before the first turn-in, I chatted with Chris Grove of, who recently returned from a beef ranch in Montana. He briefly mentioned the topic of digestion and I suggested that he too could benefit from trying Bran Buds.

By next year, the BBQ Bash will be a KCBS sanctioned event. Many of the judges and participants became Certified Barbeque Judges on June 1. For most of us, our name tags and membership cards arrived in the mail on Friday.

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