Rally for Laugh

Einstein Simplified has performed at the Downtown Relay for Life each year for several years, usually very late in the evening. This year we got a time slot before midnight, which made it easier for me to participate.

I got to play one of my favorite games, “Every Other Line,” with my friend Brad Bumgardner. In the scene, Brad could only say lines that were in a book of little-known one-act plays. As the name suggests, he reads every other line of the play. It works best when the player with the book sticks with the same character from the play. The audience decided that we would be a dentist and his patient. I played the dentist and imagined that he was from a 1930s black-and-white movie.

Filmmaker John Hudgens used his phone to snap a photo that I love. It shows us on stage with the Sunsphere in the background.

Einstein Simplified at Relay For Life 2013 - photo by John Hudgens

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