R.S. We Love You

“(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” was the number one song the week my sister was born. The Rolling Stones are still one of her favorite bands. Both she and I like the Stones better than the Beatles.

My sister went to two concerts this week. On Sunday night, she took her daughters to see One Direction. On Monday night she and her husband took all four of their kids to see the Rolling Stones. I was thrilled when she sent me her photo of the set list.

Maybe my sister’s two boys and two girls will someday appreciate the fact that they were at the last North American concert of the Stones’ 2013 tour. She told me that all four were less than impressed. Her oldest was enjoying the show until she got a headache from the smell of smoke. The second child doesn’t like that type of music. Her youngest child thought it was too loud.

My sister said her third child was “bawling her eyes out” because she could see that a member of One Direction (would that be 0.2 Direction?) was in the pit but she couldn’t go meet him.

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  1. I think it’s cool that Mick Taylor’s playing with ’em this go around.

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