Fanning Booth

The Fanboy Expo is in Knoxville this weekend. I spent a few hours manning the Classic Hits 93.1 booth on Saturday. I’ll be there again today.

As a longtime Bat-fan, I enjoyed seeing a replica of the Batmobile. While I was there, it looked like the biggest crowds were waiting to see Lee Majors, Cassandra Peterson and Chandler Riggs of “The Walking Dead.”

I had a brief conversation with actor Sean Whalen. Twelve years ago, I interviewed him on the Comedy World Radio Network. I told Sean he was a great guest, which made him ask me what makes a guest great. I told him that bad interviewers ask yes/no questions but that good interviewees use the basic principle of improv by answering “yes and…”

Among all the booths selling comic books and collectibles was one that struck me as funny. A vacation timeshare company had a sign encouraging the self-professed nerds to “experience the great outdoors.”

Fanboy Expo 2013 - replica Batmobile Fanboy Expo 2013 - crowded hallway near Chandler Riggs Fanboy Expo 2013 - Experience the Great Outdoors

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