Factory Outlet

The Cheesecake Factory’s director of public relations, Alethea Rowe, came over to our table as my wife and I were taking pictures of our food. We were part of a packed house during the restaurant’s training nights at the new West Town Mall location.

I was taking a picture of my Moroccan Chicken and my wife was photographing her Chicken Marsala. Alethea turned my plate so I could get a better view of the food. For dessert, I ordered the Banana Cream Cheesecake

Vice President of Guest Experience Linda Candioty introduced herself and asked how we were enjoying dinner. I learned that she has worked for The Cheesecake Factory since its early days and that Linda’s Fudge Cake is her recipe.

Linda and Alethea were visiting from the Southern California headquarters. During our conversation we discovered that we had several mutual friends at KROQ. Alethea sent a text message to Jay Tilles, informing him that she was talking with me. Jay has worked his way up from intern to management at KROQ.

Linda is quoted in a 1997 Forbes profile of Cheesecake founder Avid Overton. Her words from sixteen years ago still ring true today:

At Cheesecake’s Calabasas Hills, Calif. headquarters, Executive Vice President Linda Candioty sounds like a motivational speaker. “The customers come in to eat and pay and leave,” she tells a bright-faced group of about 30, “but they deserve something more. It might just be some love.”


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