Traffic in the Washington, DC area is terrible. When I worked at WAVA, I had a long drive home from Arlington to  Dale City on I-395 and I-95. On a good day, I would be able to leave work in time to hear Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” at 3:35 p.m. on WMAL. Normally, the thirty-mile trip would take over an hour. The later I left work, the longer I would sit in traffic.

I was reminded of my commute while listening to WTOP online yesterday. They had a story about a gadget that could have helped me fight the drowsiness I felt every afternoon in the car.

The Handpresso is an espresso maker that plugs into your cigarette lighter. You add water and a coffee pod. It brews espresso in two minutes.

As the company’s promotional video shows, you end up with only a tiny cup of espresso. In America, we add that as a shot to our regular coffee. It’s called a “red eye” or a “shot in the dark.” According to Wikipedia, coffee with a shot is known as an “Al Pacino” in the mid-Atlantic region because of his commercials for Vittoria Coffee. Now all I can picture is Al Pacino screaming at the traffic on I-95.

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