You Are What You Tweet

Having a smartphone has made it easier for me to read the timelines on my Facebook and Twitter accounts. However, I find that I post less often because I get frustrated when trying to write and edit text.

Over the weekend, I learned a trick that might inspire me to try harder at Twitter. The updated smartphone app now allows users to easily add multiple accounts and switch between them. In addition my personal account, there are several other Twitter accounts I can use. For example, I can also post as @EinsteinImprov or @KnoxKidsWalk. To manage multiple accounts in the past, you had to use a third-party app, which I chose not to do.

When I joined Twitter, you had to also sign up with Twitpic if you wanted to share a photo. Later, Twitter made it easy to view Instagram photos from within the app. Later still, Twitter added its own photo feature. Now that Twitter and Instagram have “broken up,” it’s a pain to view Instagram pictures. In fact, I recently unfollowed someone whose Twitter feed was almost entirely comprised of links to Instagram.

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