When the Journal Broadcast Group moved its country format and call letters from 93.1 FM to 100.3 FM, it created an opportunity on 93.1. They did a “format finder” research project and decided to put Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX on the air.

I picked up some behind-the-scenes responsibilities at the new station, but today I had two occasions to be in front of the scenes. The boss asked me to write and record the official launch announcement that played at 9:00 a.m. An MP3 copy of it can be found at the link below. In addition to that, I was the spokesperson for the station when WATE and WBIR showed up to cover the format switch.

Late Wednesday night, I snapped a photo of the new sign that had just been put on the studio wall.

New sign on the wall at Classic Hits 93.1 WNOX

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