Twenty Dollars in My Pocket

Ida Randall’s daughter went thrift-store shopping in search of a cheesy blazer for me to wear at the All Saints Adult Social. I think the jacket she found is spectacular. In fact, I may have worn one similar to it while in high school. Ida rushed the sport-coat to Farragut Cleaners to get it ready for tonight’s show. Like Monty Hall, I will be carrying cash and prizes to give away during a mash-up of games we’re calling “Let’s Make a Newly Match.”


We had a tech rehearsal last night at Knoxville Catholic High School. Fr. Michael Woods, Fr. David Carter, Fr. Miguel Velez and Fr. John Appiah were there to get a little more “Match Game” practice. Gary Loe brought his sound equipment to practice the music cues for the various games. Ida’s husband and a team of handymen constructed large boxes to hold the prizes for the segment Ida is calling “Deal with Frank.”

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