To D.I. For

Destination Imagination brings thousands of people to Knoxville from all over the country. As I was driving along Henley Street on Thursday, I saw dozens of DI participants leaving the Convention Center. I saw dozens more when I walked through the lobby of the Downtown Marriott on my way to one of the meeting rooms.

A Destination Imagination team from New Hampshire hired Einstein Simplified to teach some improv games and techniques. They read our game list and picked several games they wanted to learn from us. For the first part of the evening, we demonstrated some games. For the second half, we had the students participate in games such as “Blochbuster,” “Superheroes,” “Party Quirks” and “Da Doo Run Run.”

As I write this, the closing ceremonies have ended but the results have not yet been posted. A status update on the NH-DI Facebook page leads me to believe that our new friends did well in the competition.

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