Pool Queue

Opening and closing a swimming pool requires a certain amount of expertise. Since moving to Tennessee, I’ve always had help opening my pool for the summer. Today, due to poor planning, I did a significant amount of the pool opening chores by myself.

I used to pay one of the local pool companies to remove the cover, reconnect the filter, and adjust the chemicals. A couple of years ago, it occurred to me that my chemical-engineer son could help with the opening tasks. The job of winterizing the pool is more complicated. I always entrust that to the professionals. They clear the water from the underground pipes and the filter by removing certain plugs in the filter, pump and chlorine dispenser.

This year, I arranged for two local gardeners to help remove the cover but I forgot to schedule an appointment with the pool company to put the puzzle pieces back together. I was slightly stressed about removing the cover without turning on the pump. A stagnant pool will grow algae quickly. I called three local pool companies but all their service departments were closed for Memorial Day.

Finally, I called my son to have him talk me through the steps, which were easier than I feared. The true test will come tomorrow when I see if the water is sparkling and clear or cloudy and green.


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