Cup Holder

One of my favorite plastic cups sprang a leak today. It was a promotional stadium cup with the WAVA logo on both sides. It must be about 25 years old. I still have a mostly faded George Mason University stadium cup that is almost 30 years old. What old promotional items do you still use?

Coincidentally, a fellow parishioner, “Promo Joe” Melia, gave me one of his catalogs yesterday. He sells imprinted promotional items. As I flipped through the catalog, I saw items similar to ones I had. For example, I saw a cell phone stand  just like the one my wife really likes. They had some weird stuff too, such as a “chill patch” made to resemble a blood bag.

A few of the items reminded me of old jobs I’ve had. At WAVA, I once ordered hundreds of plastic combs because they were the cheapest thing I could get imprinted in honor of Don & Mike’s anniversary show. At KLOS, we would order promotional items for on-air giveaway as “Mark & Brian Parting Gifts.” We made up new names for the items. For example, a chip clip became a “freshness enhancer.” I came up with a new name for a plastic cake knife. I called it a “slerver” because it slices and serves.

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