Cuisses de Grenouille

There was a squirrel on my pool cover yesterday. On Monday, I spotted a bird on the cover. Neither critter was a pool-cover regular in the past.

I may have inadvertently created a new ecosystem on the pool cover. In past years, the accumulated rainwater attracted mating frogs. Their eggs developed into tadpoles that I tried to save before removing the cover. This year, I have been using an electric pump to remove the rainwater. My intention was to force the frogs to find a new mating place.

Now every time it rains, the frogs flock to the pool cover to get busy before I turn on the pump. After I had removed enough water, the squirrel and the birds showed up for lunch. I couldn’t see exactly what they were eating. It could have been insects or frog eggs or tadpoles. I thought the squirrel might have even caught a grown frog because I saw something hanging from its mouth. This bothers me because I like frogs better than squirrels.

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