Comedy Plus Time

A person from my past showed up at The Well last Tuesday night. Jerrod Cardwell was the writer for the Jeff Wayne & Susan Olsen show at the Comedy World Radio Network thirteen years ago. He introduced himself to me and in the course of a minute, we remembered a comedy bit we did in which Jerrod played the part of a cat being groomed.

Jerrod said he was in Tennessee to visit family members. He needed an improv fix, which I completely understood. When he looked up improv in Knoxville, he found the Einstein Simplified website and recognized me from our days at Comedy World.

Most of the guys in the troupe stayed late to do a second show at 10:00 p.m. They called it Einstein Simplified Labs because it was intended to be a workshop for some experimental games and long-form scenes. They graciously allowed Jerrod to participate in a game of Actors in a Box. Tonya Cinnamon of Cinnamon Studios captured several great photos from the late show.

Einstein Simplified Labs - May 7, 2013 - Megan Jones, Paul Simmons, Jerrod Cardwell, Dave Fennell - photo by Cinnamon Studios

After the show, I sent Jerrod a Facebook request. That’s how I learned he recently wrote an e-book called 1000 Fake Facts About Air Travel. In another Facebook message, Jerrod said he plans to attend tonight’s Einstein Simplified show. He’s in town for a couple more weeks before he returns to California. He’ll be teaching a class on stand-up comedy at the Actors Creative Workshop in Burbank starting June 8.

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