Citizen Watch

The 2013 class of the FBI Knoxville Citizens Academy had their graduation ceremony on Thursday night. Before they got their certificates from Special Agent in Charge Ken Moore, I invited them to join the Alumni Association. Most of the class members have joined, which makes them eligible for our annual trip to FBI Headquarters and Quantico.

I learned a few new terms during the briefing that preceded the graduation. The Crisis Management Coordinator led the class through a TTX or table-top exercise. The class also learned the difference between a Command Post (CP) and an Incident Command Post (ICP). The CP is off-site while the ICP is at the scene of the incident.

The FBI works in conjunction with local law enforcement agencies during times of crisis. They have an Operational Response and Investigative Online Network, known as ORION. They also have a site called LEO, which stands for Law Enforcement Online.

When I completed the Citizens Academy class in 2009, we watched a fake news report that dramatized a terrorist attack in our area. The current class watched the same video tonight. It’s a good thing that the story is only a dramatization. If it were real, I would be one of the victims. The imaginary attack is set in the future at an annual event where I’m scheduled to judge a contest.

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