Brooks’ Tone

It’s very gratifying when my kids embrace something that has long been a favorite of mine. For example, I am delighted that my children love Mel Brooks movies. When we lived in Burbank, my son got a $5 Best Buy gift card for his birthday and he chose to buy a copy of “Spaceballs” from the clearance bin. The whole family can quote lines from “Spaceballs” and “Young Frankenstein.”

Brooks, of course, is a comedic genius. His brilliance reaches beyond movies into TV, theater and comedy albums. He will be honored as a subject of “American Masters,” a PBS biography series that has examined the careers of dozens of great artists.

As soon as the monthly program guide arrived in the mail, I tried to set my DVR to record “Mel Brooks: Make a Noise.” It was too soon. At the beginning of the month, my DVR’s program guide didn’t go as far as May 20. Fortunately, I saw a Facebook post by East Tennessee PBS that reminded me about Monday night’s show.

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