The Anvil Eye

The Flying Anvil Theatre’s production of “Forbidden Knoxville Goes Psycho” isn’t just good, it’s great. It’s amazing to realize the amount of bizarre news stories that emanate from East Tennessee and are so ripe for satire. State Senator Stacey Campfield, UT Athletics, TVA and Pi Kappa Alpha were some of the main targets.

My friend Krisha Newport did an outstanding job alongside her castmates Dana Wham, Bill Howard and Jim Richardson. Keyboardist Christopher Hamblin scored some laughs, not only with his clever musical transitions but with his facial expressions too.

The hour-long show at Big Fatty’s Catering Kitchen was packed with parody songs. Some of the songs that I’m still thinking about the next day are “UT and the Beast,” “Ash Ash Baby,” “Something That’s Green” and a number that I will abbreviate as the “B.C. Tango.” You don’t have to be a drunken frat boy to figure out what B.C. means.

Additional performances will be April 13, 19, 26 at 27 at Big Fatty’s.


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