Sponge Cake Worthy

At any point in the past five months, have you wished you had a Hostess Twinkie? Or did you satisfy your craving for creme-filled sponge cake with a Little Debbie Cloud Cake or a Mrs. Freshley’s Golden Creme Cake or even a Great Value Golden Crème Cake?

In my opinion, Twinkie-the-Kid shot himself in the crème-filled foot a long time ago by being overpriced. The Hostess brand name isn’t enough to convince customers to pay two or three times as much for a snack cake, when reasonably priced alternatives are readily available.

At some point, the Twinkie brand name will make a heralded return to store shelves. Unless the new owner charges the same price or lower than its competitors, the Twinkie will be doomed again.

While shopping at Walmart last weekend, I noticed a new creme-filled competitor. Sara Lee now has their own Twinkie knock-off called (surprise!) Golden Crème Cakes. A box of eight cost $2.98. Yesterday at Pilot, I spotted some new Tastykake Dreamies that cost $1.69 for a package of two, the same price that Twinkies used to cost.

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One Response to Sponge Cake Worthy

  1. Giannine says:

    Angeline is playing Pink Lady, Jan, in Knoxville Catholic High School’s upcoming version of Grease. In the play, she is supposed to eat a lot of Twinkies. To solve the obvious issue, rather than eat a Twinkie knock off and attempt to sing with food in her mouth, my daughter will carry a Wonder Woman lunch box and allude to Twinkies she is pretending to carry inside it.

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