Monk’s Café

The Mr. Coffee Optimal Brew coffee maker has a steam vent at the top of the back panel. While my coffee is brewing, I like to put my face over the vent and breathe in the steam as if it were a vaporizer. I wonder if the steam has any caffeine in it.

I heard a mention of Mr. Coffee in a montage of jokes on NPR last week. They ran a series of reports during “Coffee Week” on “Morning Edition.”

Jerry Seinfeld was listening to “Coffee Week” too. He called in to offer his thoughts on the subject and they invited him to drop by the studio. By clicking around their website long enough, I also found some outtakes from Seinfeld’s appearance.

While looking for the Seinfeld link, I happened across a coffee story on a different NPR show. “Science Friday” analyzed the flavor composition of coffee.

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