Miracle on Icing

By the time Fr. Ragan Schriver arrived at Scrumps Cupcakes yesterday, I had gotten better at applying icing. As you can see in the video below, my first attempt was weak. I had volunteered to decorate cupcakes as an additional fundraiser for the Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk to benefit Columbus Home Children’s Services. I joked that it was like celebrity bartending with buttercream.

Scrumps owners Kathleen and Nathan Robinson sold Cotton Candy cupcakes all week with a portion of the price going to Columbus Home. On Saturday, any cupcake I decorated sold for $5, with all of the money going to Columbus Home. One of our customers was a big fan of Fr. Ragan and she asked that he and I both apply icing to her cupcake. By going in opposite directions, we made a swirl of cotton candy and vanilla icings.

The 15th annual Kids Helping Kids Fun Walk happens today at Knoxville Catholic High School. Gates open at 1:00 p.m. The actual walking starts at 3:00. Kathleen and Nathan will be there giving mini-cupcakes to the registered participants.

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