Game Show Networking

An Irishman, a Ghanaian and a Colombian walk into a bar… well, actually they walked into a meeting with me the other night. I was there to explain “Match Game” to three priests who didn’t grow up watching it like I did. We watched an episode on YouTube and I had them practice writing down their own responses to the questions on the show.

The theme of this year’s Adult Social at All Saints Church is “Let’s Make a Newly Match.” It’s a spoof of three classic game shows that we mixed together to create a new way to give away valuable prizes. Tickets are on sale in the parish office during the week and outside the church after all the Masses this weekend.

The contestants for all three games will be chosen from among those in attendance. Individuals can sign up for “Let’s Make a” and “Match” while couples can sign up for “Newly” regardless of how long they’ve been married. I hope the “Newly” game goes as well as it did for me at “My Funny Valentine” in February.

Event chair Ida Randall invited Kristin Farley of WATE to be the announcer for “Let’s Make a” and to be one of our celebrity panelists for “Match.” I invited Rick Russo of WVLT to be a celebrity panelist for “Match.” Photographer Jimmy Chiarella took our pictures, which committee member Carmella Jochmann assembled into the poster below.

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