Thundering Heard

A roomful of Thunderheads gathered at East Tennessee PBS on Wednesday night. The fans of Celtic Thunder learned of the opportunity on Facebook and Twitter and snapped up the invitations to a meet and greet with singers Neil Byrne and George Donaldson. The band owes its popularity to regular appearances on PBS, especially during pledge drives.

The Thunderheads were treated to a gourmet dinner prepared by Chef Garrett Scanlan. His new show, “A Fork in the Road” is scheduled to begin airing on East Tennessee PBS in April. The food on the buffet table didn’t look particularly Irish. Salmon mousse was served on small pieces of multi-grain bread. Skewers of chicken were arranged like flowers stuck in a half-pineapple. Corned beef, cabbage and potatoes were formed into golfball-sized servings and fried to a golden brown.

In addition to visiting with loyal fans, Neil and George appeared on-camera during pledge breaks in the broadcast of their newest special, “Mythology.” The station invited me to go on-camera too. My job was to push the premium items for larger donations. Viewers could choose a CD, DVD, concert ticket or a concert ticket with a meet-and-greet pass when Celtic Thunder performs at the Tennessee Theatre on October 29.


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