Thrice Is Nice

The red interior of Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre gave a weird tint to my pictures of the Gatlinburg Improv Fest. I like them better as black-and-white photos.


Einstein Simplified performed three times during the Fest. We did a 45-minute show on Friday at Sweet Fanny Adams followed by a 20-minute show at the Hard Rock Cafe. The photos show me trying to guess the “Party Quirks” other players; all of us lined up for a fast game; and four of us paired up for a game of “Complaint Letter” during our Saturday night competition against the women of GIF, who named their all-star group “Glass Ceiling.”

“Complaint Letter” has become one of my favorite games. We first saw it at last year’s Gatlinburg Improv Fest and we added it to our repertoire. In the photo, Paul Simmons and I are speaking one word at a time. Dave Snow and Dave Fennell are speaking in one voice to create a complaint letter about a product. Paul and I make up a response from the company.

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