Stan and Deliver

Bishop Richard Stika wondered why I haven’t written much on my blog about St. Louis lately. I saw the bishop earlier this evening at the annual dinner benefiting Catholic Charities of East Tennessee. I explained that I haven’t been to the Gateway City since my son graduated from college last May.

Bishop Stika told me that he made some new friends in the St. Louis Cardinals organization (the baseball team, not the church hierarchy) when he preached at Stan Musial’s funeral. As a result, he’s going to visit them at Spring Training soon. He’ll get to go in the dugout and the clubhouse while he’s there.

He would have had to cancel the trip if the College of Cardinals (the church hierarchy, not the baseball team) hadn’t already elected Pope Francis. Bishop Stika, like most bishops around the country, gave a press conference to the local media when the conclave ended.

I was excited to tell my son that the new Pope has a masters degree in chemistry and once worked as a high-school chemistry teacher. It’s common for Jesuit priests to work as teachers. My son was inspired by his high-school chemistry teacher to study chemical engineering in college.

The annual Engineers Week at Washington University in St. Louis was two weeks ago. When he was a student, my son won prizes in the paper-airplane contest. This year they added a new competition to the festivities: butter sculpting.

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