Ladies and Gentlemen…

Nashville Improv Company and Shenanigans taught us something. Both troupes have more than twice as many members as Einstein Simplified. The Nashville group sent only five of their fifteen members to the Gatlinburg Improv Fest. The Lee University group had half their members perform in their Friday show and half in the Saturday show.

During the festival, the members of Einstein Simplified decided that we should consider expanding our ranks. We especially want to add two or more women to the group. In the past when we’ve had one female member, she would often get typecast by the audience’s suggestions and by her fellow improvisers. We saw firsthand that the women of Nashville Improv Company and Shenanigans could play any part of either gender when there were two or more women in the same scene.

This week, Paul Simmons created an audition form on the Einstein Simplified website. Before the form was posted, the current members agreed on the five things we require of a potential new member:

  1. Show up for every Tuesday show of Einstein Simplified to demonstrate your commitment and availability to perform with us.
  2. Participate in the regularly scheduled practice sessions that occur on Sundays at 2 to demonstrate your commitment.
  3. Participate in the post show wrap-up and provide comments.
  4. Find and read “Truth in Comedy” as reference will be made to it, and it is an excellent beginning starting point.
  5. You agree to being filmed for the audition/tryout process without compensation, etc. etc…
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