Joke Float

Prior to last night, all the stand-up comedy gigs I’ve done were either open-mic nights or charity events. They were also limited to six minutes, which is how much time you get at open-mic night at Side Splitters Comedy Club.

When comedian Alex Stokes asked me to be the opener for his comedy cruise aboard the Star of Knoxville riverboat, he wanted me to do a longer set. I started practicing new material and added it to the six minutes I did in the Host with the Most Competition. My set ran about twelve minutes.

Four of us took the stage last night. The emcee was Laura Sanders from Columbus, Ohio. She was passing through Knoxville on her way to an upcoming gig in Savannah, Georgia. I was the opener. Tyler Gooch from Lexington, Kentucky, was the featured (or middler) and Alex Stokes was the headliner.

A lot of Alex’s material deals with the fact that he recently remarried. His wife and her parents sat in the front row, which gave Alex a lot to talk about, especially after his jokes about his relationship.

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