Artist Elizabeth Kidder introduced herself to me at Orange Leaf Yogurt in Farragut. I had been admiring her mural on the wall without knowing that the artist herself was present.

She explained that she was commissioned to paint murals at three new Orange Leaf stores. Each had to include local symbols and some yogurt. The Farragut mural features a big anchor that represents both Admiral Farragut and the Farragut Admirals. The marquee of the Regal Cinemas Pinnacle 18 is at the bottom.

Elizabeth said she had an abundance of ideas for the Market Square mural. However, she hadn’t yet thought of anything for the Cedar Bluff store.

I suggested including the three private schools that compete in the “Battle of the Bluff” in athletics: Knoxville Catholic High School, Webb School of Knoxville and Christian Academy of Knoxville. I also thought she could paint a big green interstate sign with an exit for yogurt. Lastly, I thought it would interesting to incorporate the street flooding that happens during almost every rain storm.

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