Salty Cracker

The phrase “laughing out loud” has become a cliché thanks to overuse of the abbreviation LOL in text messages and on social media. I was listening to a podcast while eating lunch yesterday when I unexpectedly put the OL into LOL.

A Facebook post from Splitsider tipped me off that comedian James Adomian, known for his impression of the late Huell Howser, had shown up on a Comedy Bang Bang podcast. This time Adomian played the ghost of Huell.

Jeff Garlin is the guest for the first half of the sixty-minute show. Huell’s ghost arrives at the thirty-minute mark. In the bit, the ethereal Huell has been traveling through space and time since his death. Ghost Huell first uses this incredible power to go over Mount Shasta into Oregon.

By the time Ghost Huell was describing the most amazing thing he’s seen, I was emailing the link to my wife and kids. I warned my family not to listen at work. There is some foul language as Ghost Huell cusses out Garlin for never having watched “California’s Gold” or “Visiting” or any of the real Howser’s TV programs.

Like many Californians, I became a fan of Huell Howser by flipping channels and being unable to stop watching his shows on KCET. I was truly saddened by his death last month. As you get ready for the Super Bowl, you can watch Howser’s 2004 episode about avocados, including his meeting with the “avocado eatin’ dog.”

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