Over Underdog

Buck Biggers’ obituary taught me more about one of my favorite shows than I had ever known before. Biggers co-created the classic cartoon “Underdog.” His passing also prompted a cartoon-themed website to repost their interview with Biggers.

Biggers and his colleagues worked at the famous advertising agency Dancer Fitzgerald Sample. One of their jobs was to create cartoon characters for General Mills breakfast cereals. They also created shows to fill the time between commercials. They left the ad agency to form a production company called Total TeleVision.

In addition to Underdog, Biggers and his team were responsible for great cartoons like “Tennessee Tuxedo,” “Commander McBragg” and “The Hunter.”

One obituary included a link to a clip from “Scrubs.” On the show, Ted’s Band is comprised of characters who work in the hospital. The singing actors have their own real-life a capella group called The Blanks.

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