Marriage Encounter

There were tears and laughter in all the right places during the “My Funny Valentine” benefit at the Capitol Theatre last night. The room was silent as a Haven House volunteer told her personal story of being abused by her husband. Later, there were plenty of laughs as Brian Tuggle conducted a live auction and as I hosted a spoof of “The Newlywed Game.”

As a kid, I wanted to be a game show host when I grew up. It seemed like such a fun job. Last night I enjoyed myself immensely while quizzing four couples from the audience. We sent the men to the Hollywood-themed room downstairs and asked the wives questions like, “Which candy best describes your first kiss: Starburst, Good & Plenty, Hot Tamales, Goobers or Milk Duds?” We repeated the process with the wives in isolation and got even funnier results.

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