Key Tagalog

The Italian word “papabile” translates to “pope-able.” Many Catholics around the world are wondering if their local cardinal might be considered papabile when next month’s conclave convenes. Even the secular site Buzzfeed listed ten of the papabile.

People in the Philippines have suggested that Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle of Manila might be pope material. On the one hand, the College of Cardinals might think that the 55-year-old Tagle is too inexperienced. He was only elevated to Cardinal last November by Pope Benedict XVI. However, other reports have described Tagle as a “dark horse” in the race.

Cardinal Tagle’s name was brought to my attention last November by a friend who reads a blog called “Joan’s Rome.” Joan Lewis mentioned Tagle as papabile but what my friend noticed  was Joan’s report that Tagle’s brother owns Sweet City Desserts in Vienna, Virginia. Vienna is a suburb of Washington. Coincidentally, Cardinal Tagle spent some time in D.C. while getting a Doctorate in Sacred Theology at Catholic University from 1987 to 1991.

When Pope Benedict XVI traveled to the United States in 2008, some of my family members were able to see him in Washington. My daughter snapped a picture at the White House and my sister got a close-up photo at Nationals Park.

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