Go Figures

Rosie the Riveter, Anne Frank, and Josephine Baker are three of the women represented in Go! Contemporary Dance Works production of “Unsung Heroes: the Women of World War II.” The modern ballet also includes characters who are WAVEs, WACs, Holocaust victims and their Nazi tormentors.

My wife and I watched part of Thursday night’s rehearsal at the Bijou Theatre. The dancers, musicians and technicians are working hard to prepare for opening night on Saturday. There will be a second performance on Sunday afternoon. Artistic director Lisa Hall McKee was calling the shots as well as dancing in a few scenes.

A tragic scene at a concentration camp is followed by a beautiful scene representing the victims arrival in heaven. Later in the show, I learned that jazz singer Josephine Baker spied for the French in an effort to help defeat the Nazis. I was impressed when some of the dancers sang a cappella passages. The show also uses some recorded music but most of the sound comes from a quintet of live musicians.

Go! posted a video in which Lisa Hall McKee describes the making of “Unsung Heroes: the Women of World War II.”

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