Cubic Rube

The World’s Largest Rubik’s Cube meets two of my favorite sightseeing criteria. It’s a world’s largest thing and it’s a piece of World’s Fair memorabilia. On top of that, it sits in downtown Knoxville, across the street from the Sunsphere.

The problem with tourist attractions in your hometown is that you don’t go out of your way to see them, like you would if you were visiting a city for only a day or two. I knew that I would eventually get to the Holiday Inn World’s Fair Park for an event, which I did last night. The Rubik’s Cube is in the lobby, next to a coffee shop cleverly named Fair Grounds.

Friends who attended the 1982 World’s Fair tell me that the Cube used to be motorized. If you waited long enough, you would see it solve itself and then start the scramble-solve cycle all over again. The restored Cube is motionless. I think it would be a good project for one of the local high school robotics teams to get it working again.


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