Zap! Bid! Pow!

Frank & Jere sitting in the original Batmobile at Barris Kustom Industries The original 1966 Batmobile goes on the auction block on Saturday. The #1 is the same car that my family and I saw when we visited Barris Kustom Industries in the 1990s. How much do you think it will bring? A million dollars? Two million? It’s the greatest car ever made.

The Batmobile also showed up on a couple of my social media feeds recently. I found a picture of my cousin’s daughter with the Batmobile on Facebook. She’s a cheerleader for the Baltimore Ravens. I should suggest that she submit her photo to a website that collects “Your Brush with the Batmobile.”

George Barris was on my YouTube subscription feed last night. The Archive of American Television posted an interview with the automotive legend. In the clip below, he describes the origins of the Batmobile.

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